Sam is angry with technology in this podcast, he also saw some crazy bee stuff happening in town and shot some video of it. Chris hung out with an Olympic athlete randomly and Chris can now see the podcast being recorded as we sorted out our studio a bit better finally.

Chris wants to look more badass and has shaved his head or something like that. Sam has ended up at the gym on a free two week and has ordered an inversion table.

Chris went and saw Sicario and forgot to talk about it, find out what he thought about the movie and also a bit about the martian.

Armageddon is on next weekend, with the showing of the Daredevil BadBlod film being shown Friday night. Sam talks about starting pumpkin seeds and loves shipito.  All this plus more in this episode.


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The website for growing giant pumpkins in New Zealand


Here is the crazy bee’s Sam saw which would have been a nightmare for Chris.