22 Mar

TCASP: EP 025 – Bad Pronunciation, Ice Cream Birthday Cake and Best Coke Ever.


Bad pronunciation causes Chris some confusion, Sam has some ice cream birthday cake and it is no ones birthday, little bit of movie stuff plus much more all in this episode of The Chris and Sam Podcast.

15 Mar

TCASP: EP024 – Dying People and Smoked Meat Goodness

Chris updates us about relay for life, we talk about some people that died, famous and not so famous.  Rant time is back, smoked meat goodness is happening and much more in this episode of The Chris and Sam Podcast.

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07 Mar

TCASP: EP023 – New Job, Compliments, Slashers and the best bee sting story ever

Chris got a new job, Sam managed to get a compliment on his beard in a rather random way.  We discuss an article Chris found about a new type of person known as a slasher.

Sam mentions a better alternative to survey monkey called sogosurvey and why he liked it.  Lots of events coming up including relay for life, SMCAKL, TedX Auckland and The Great Pumpkin Carnival. Also TEDx Ruakura which we managed to give the wrong date to -The correct date is 20th June.

And somehow we get onto the topic of bees, and Chris tells quite possibly the greatest bee sting story ever, although he doesn’t understand why it seems so funny.  You be the judge.

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01 Mar

TCASP: EP022 – Podcasts, TEDx and Jangle your Berries

Summary: We talk about some new podcasts we like, TEDx Ruakura is happening here in Hamilton in March.  Sam went to social media club Rotorua, and Chris checked out Script to Screen recently

Random tourists get a mention, jangle your berries and more movie stuff, all this and more all in this episode of The Chris and Sam Podcast.

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