26 Apr

TCASP EP: 029 – Milk Bottles With no Milk


We recorded on ANZAC day where some idiot bikers ruined one ceremony. Sam endured what is known as Chipmunks playland during the school holidays and also managed to see Fast and Furious 7.

The internet in NZ is going slow due to Netflix apparently, there is a new battery type in the works and Chris likes saying LIVE a lot.

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19 Apr

TCASP EP028 – Steel Hook to the Testicles and Concerts


Sandra Bullock had to hide in her closet and it had nothing to do with Chris, Sam went and saw the spongebob movie, find out what he thought about it.

Chris tells the story how he single handily stopped a concert in Dublin from just being too awesome.  We learnt about an angry man and what he did with his steel hook, plus much more all in this episode of The Chris and Sam podcast.


Sandra Bullock hiding in her closet
Spongebob movie
Steel Hook to the Testicles
Manakau not Manakau


12 Apr

TCSAP EP: 027 – The Great Pumpkin Carnival Episode

We talk about the great pumpkin carnival and the record beating pumpkin which is currently the heaviest pumpkin in the southern hemisphere.  Sam helps organise the event and roped Chris into help, hear how all that went.  We also talk about a film night we went to, which involved Trailer Wars and Seconds, and also a great dane.

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05 Apr

TCASP: EP026 -Never Kick the Tyres on a Tricycle

We ended up going to SMCAKL the other week, listen to find out what that is, Chris managed to burn his hand randomly, but of a follow up on the bee story from EP023.

Sam learnt about the amazing tourist attraction at Marton while looking at giant pumpkins, Indian scammers make an appearance and Sam has moved into the podcast studio.


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