TCASP EP:037 – TedX, Roast Chickens and Travels

We have the TedX roundup, Chris has a unique ability and it involves his pants. Sam learnt some stuff about roast chickens on an airplane, we have supermarket stories, how to be awesome at a light festival, Chris has given up on Tinder and now wants to use Tindog, and flooding doesn’t stop bar patrons, all that and more in this packed episode.

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TCASP EP:036 – Auckland, Podcasters and 11,000 Emails

We went to Auckland, and spent the voucher Sam won at the sweatshop bar in Auckland, was very good food and we may have eaten way too much.

We met some fellow podcasters, with Will from and Paul from and realised we aren’t as bad as we thought we are. Chris has a crap story that didn’t impress our flatmate about a button in his car, Chris gives his impression about Jurassic World and Sam learnt that Chris has over 11,000 unread emails in his inbox.

A school girls has been under cyber attack by some online creep, we discuss a bit about what we are up to with the podcasts, Chris answers some predictions about the upcoming TedX all that and the general awesomeness in this episode.

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TCASP EP:035 – Fieldays, acting legend dies, Chris with tech


Sam has destroyed his phone and has had to find a new way to listen to podcasts on his “dumb phone”. Chris has been dealing with TedX Speakers. Dave Grohl is the man and carried on with a broken leg. Another acting legend died recently and Chris hopes he goes the same way.

Fieldays was on this week and we went and checked it out, Sam tried something to fix his back, and Chris had issues with Technology.

We also discovered that an adult website wants to make some films in space, and they need your help.

And what made passenger 15A so bad, find out in this podcast.

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TCASP EP:034 – Jerry Collins, A tyre pile, bad photos and more.


Sam went to see the Harlem Globetrotters, Jerry Collins Died, Hamilton’s giant tyre pile, Only humane update, Sam’s bad photos, A woman shoots herself in the head while taking a selfie, party time around here, Chris almost has a Filipino real estate agent, Indian pilots who shouldn’t be flying and much more.

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