TCASP EP:045 – Spending Spree, Praise Be, and Nude Robots

We both had good customer service this week, Chris went on a spending spree, Sam changed webhosts after his last one went crap, and for some reason Chris doesn’t like nude robots. Continue reading “TCASP EP:045 – Spending Spree, Praise Be, and Nude Robots”

TCASP EP:044 – Sneakers, Snow Suit and Ashley Madison

Some people go to great lengths to get a sneaker “made” by someone a lot of people don’t like. The Ashley Madison leak shows how many people apparently used the site.  Chris recalls his awesome snow suit, we talk about movies some more and a whole lot more, so check it out.
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TCASP EP:043 – The Codfather, Chris wants his money and Sperm Beer?

We missed last week’s podcast due to being so busy, we talk about that and why Chris was driving a car into someone on purpose.

What would you do if you came across hitchbot?  We saw a rather strange short film the other day, someone called the codfather is in trouble, Sam lost part of a mouse and lots more awesomeness all rolled up in this episode.

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TCASP EP:042 – Periscope, Stupid Ppl and Kevin Smith

We have been playing around with periscope lately, see what one user said to Sam.  Is pissed a swear word?  Apparently so if you are Dame Helen Mirran.  There is one less person in the gene pool after taking a stupid risk with an escalator, we found a couple of interesting Kickstarters, including one that got Sam riled up.

And Kevin Smith is coming to New Zealand, we got tickets and can’t wait to see his one man show, all this plus more in your weekly dose from NZ.

Ooops, Dame Helen Mirren swears on live TV |
CCTV footage suggests Chinese workers knew of escalator fault before mother fell to her death – Asia – World – The Independent
A TACO TRUCK IN YOUR KITCHEN! by The Lucky Taco — Kickstarter
The Cat Lounge New Zealand’s first Cat Cafe by Mike & Vicky — Kickstarter
Comedy Legend Kevin Smith Brings His One Man Show to NZ | Scoop News