TCASP EP:053 – The Pain of Filming and the Gym


Chris gets beaten up on purpose for the short film Laxy Sunday and talks about his injuries and his acting abilities.  Getting a jazz band to do the musical score may be harder than first thought.  Sam has been dealing with the pain of going to the gym and explains how his inversion table has been going that he bought.

Due to budgeting requirments Buffer is currently out, and Social Pilot is in.  YouTube tries to bring in a premium offering to people.  Chris has been a bad Kiwi and has not seen the All Blacks play any games at the rugby world cup.

New Zealand has it’s own gun controversy after a reporter buys a gun with no gun license.  Canada has a new Prime Minister who wants to stop the war on drugs, Chris is all for it.

Sam has some stuff growing in a box in the shed and it’s doing quite well.

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TCASP EP:052 – Technology is making Sam angry and bees, lots of bees.


Sam is angry with technology in this podcast, he also saw some crazy bee stuff happening in town and shot some video of it. Chris hung out with an Olympic athlete randomly and Chris can now see the podcast being recorded as we sorted out our studio a bit better finally.

Chris wants to look more badass and has shaved his head or something like that. Sam has ended up at the gym on a free two week and has ordered an inversion table.

Chris went and saw Sicario and forgot to talk about it, find out what he thought about the movie and also a bit about the martian.

Armageddon is on next weekend, with the showing of the Daredevil BadBlod film being shown Friday night. Sam talks about starting pumpkin seeds and loves shipito.  All this plus more in this episode.

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TCASP EP:051 – Stinky Loads, Jobless and Travels

Sam dropped a stinky load and then gapped it, Chris has no job, Sam talks about his Christchurch trip.

Which Kiwi director is going to be directing the third thor movie?

We discuss the number one downloaded film via torrent, turns out it is a NZ film.

Sam saw some art works that were questionable if they were actual artwork, plus some really cool stuff.

We discuss short men, travel problems and Chris talks about another new project he has on the go.


‘Thor 3’ Finds Director in Taika Waititi | Variety
Kiwi film Turbo Kid is top of the illegal download charts says producer |
Taller Australia
SCAPE 8: New Intimacies — SCAPE Public Art


TCASP EP:050 – 50th Episode, Bogans and Penny Black

This is our 50th episode, so we periscoped it.  Sam went to the Museum and ended up seeing some guy named Liberty Beats and meets one of his biggest pumpkin fans.

Bogans on TV had some footage from the great pumpkin carnival, Chris has to explain what Chris thighs are.
Sam had enough of the post shop around the corner and complained, Chris brought the show down talking about shooting, Sam talks about a new forwarding company he has been using named Shipito.

We hear possibly the cutest story ever to do with smoke alarm, and Chris went and saw a new Kiwi film called Penny Black.
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