TCASP EP:058 – Chris is old, a giant cow and an accident at the gym.


Chris has been busy with more background acting work.  He also fills us in about the 24hr movie marathon he went to, find out what Chris is allowed to say about it, the threat of saying too much and being banned from future events is possible.  There was also more flesh then ever and more females at this event, apparently not those statements are not related.

Chris spoke at an IT conference and met some interesting IT managers as well as levelling up for another year and is older than ever, he celebrated by going to a comedy club and possibly freaking out other members of the public with his epic laugh.

Are you substainable?  Sam hears this awesome word in a podcast and has a discussion about it.

Udemy lets you take course and also make courses we talk briefly about that.
Chris is in demand with lots of acting gigs, Sam isn’t in demand and is over Twitter, but maybe a giant cow they want to build in Morrinsville will help Sam out.

Find out what Chris wants to be able to do before he reaches his 50th.

Sam had an accident at the gym, and Chris tells us about his unintentional perving story that happened when he was younger.  All this plus more in this latest episode of The Chris and Sam Podcast.

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TCASP EP:057 – Feature Film Work, Magic Pills and Epic Kickstarter Fail


We talk about how Chris has been doing some acting work on a big budget feature film, find out what the best thing is about that.  SMCAKL was on and it was all about podcasting.

Sam is feeling much better after getting some pills. The 24 hour film marathon is here, find out what Chris recommends you take with you and we have a discussion about the biggest Kickstarter in European history, that ultimately failed.

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TCASP EP:056 – Shortland St, SMCAKL and a Bulging Groin


SMCAKL is on this Wednesday, so a big hello if you are checking this out after wondering who Chris is or having a conversation with either one of us on the night.  Chris managed to get himself on Shortland St this week for his background acting debut.

We both had to do some audio work on the Tropfest film Lazy Sunday we are helping out with, and talking about Tropfest it looks like they might be having trouble with the festival in Australis, will this effect us here in NZ?

Thanks to Hillbilly Nerd Talk we checked out Wyrmwood, a very Australian zombie film.

Sam went along to the Waikato networking groups coffee event, and talks about why he has different types of business cards.

NZ Twitter Secret Santa is underway if you got us you should probably listen to this podcast to find out what our suggestion is to find out more about us.

Axl Rose’s bulging groin features in this podcast on a t-shirt Chris is wearing from way back in the day.

We find out a bit about the new Jame Bond film as Chris went on his man date, and could this podcast episode alone be enough for Chris to get a job and replace his CV?

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TCASP EP:055 – Chris is Hungover, Stealing Money via a Selfie


Chris is hungover in this episode, we learn about a problem he has when introducing people and he has been volunteering lately as well.

We discuss strapping a 13 year old to the front of a monster truck and driving through burning stuff.  The rugby world cup final was just another thing Chris forgot to watch.  YIFY the internet pirating website turned out to be run from NZ which we found surprising.

We reach into the archives to bring you an amazing Guy Fawkes tip, and discuss the dangers of selfies where people can steal your money.  All this and more crammed into 30 mins of awesome.

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TCASP EP:054 Virtual Reality is too Much for Chris

The podcast is now officially a year old and Chris celebrated by singing Happy Birthday, which may scar you for life.

Chris managed to get to Armageddon where he was grumpy old man Chris, find out why he was carrying a sleeping bag around with him all day, and no it wasn’t cosplay.  Daredevil Bad Blood was screened as well, find out how that went.

He also tried out Oculus Rift and Sony VR headsets, find out what he thought and what set caused him problems, mainly due to his inexperience.  He also signed up to a talent agency and is waiting for his call back.

Someone dropped their guts at the gym and it wasn’t one of us, honest.  Chris is all over at the moment and explains it a bit.

The blackberry priv is coming and will you want one?  And how to use rhymes to remember passwords.  All that and more in the meaty edition of the podcast.

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