TCASP EP:066 Topless Acting, Dick Smith is a Dick and TedX Speaker process.


Another week another episode, Chris has been busy playing Skyrim, he made his television debut on Shortland St recently and is about to appear topless in his next Television appearance which he is shooting this week.

Chris drove his car because if he doesn’t it might just sit there and never work, he didn’t manage to crash it out of a car park building though like some winners here in Hamilton did recently.

The sad story of how new technology can ruin a funeral by playing porn in the background.

Dick Smith is a Dick and some guy called Harvey Norman comes to the party and helps out the customers.

We discuss the process of picking speakers for the upcoming TEDx Ruakura event happening here in Hamilton.

Sam saw the best sort of intro/pickup line in use the other day in town, find out what it was.

A lady changes her name to be able to play in a novice lawn bowling league, even though she had played for 15 years under her old name, would you go to those extremes?

We have the Chris’s old letter segment again this week.

All this and more, so make sure to check it out.

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TCASP EP:065 – Making a Murderer, Old envelopes and Topless Chris


We talk about making a murderer, you should see it if you haven’t already.  Which leads us onto the-the film Paradise Lost and the West Memphis Three.

We tidied up the shed podcast studio and Chris had to throw out a bunch of his hoardings, but it allows us to have a new segment in the show, what is in the old envelope Chris has held onto forever and never opened.

We talk about the silly woman who spent all her life savings on lotto tickets and then started a crowdfunding page to get more money.

The government has helped Chris out with the upcoming Rent payment, and he has also picked up a topless acting gig.

It must be a NZ thing when a flock of sheep stop a police car chase.

Cards against humanity founder sends the militia a giant sized tub of lube to help them out.

Sam fell off his daughter’s scooter, luckily there weren’t too many people around to see this.

TedX planning is in full swing and so is the upcoming podcast conference.  All of this plus much more wrapped up into a podcast for you to listen to.

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TCASP EP:064 – Wellington Trip, Chris has an actual audition


Sam came back from his holiday, he managed to squeeze in 5 museums in this trip, the highlights were the Dream works exhibition and the Gallipoli Exhibits, and a silly woman doesn’t like that Sam didn’t pay for the tour find out what her actual problem was.

A Japanese train station is kept open for only one person.  Chris found an interesting story from around 4 years ago of a woman who was searching for herself in a lost person party.

Netflix has decided that they are going to shut down the proxy server situation to stop us Kiwis from watching US content, will they succeed or is this just all talk to keep studios happy?

Sky TV has upset a bunch of people with their crap upgrade to their boxes

Chris found out about a revolutionary water wheel, helping people get water and transport it in third world countries.  It is called the Wello Water Wheel and we discuss it.

A Kiwi won a design award for his new concept to help people start building tree houses.

A live view paper airplane drone on Kickstarter sounds really cool.

Chris had a proper audition this week for a big time advertising gig.

Make sure to check out the Asia Pacific Podcasting Conference coming up really soon.

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TCASP EP:063 – Whaling Scam, A hoax and Dash Buttons


Sam has pretty much cut out all news watching and news apps lately and has suffered no great ill effect from not knowing what has been happening.

Obama’s people don’t know how to trim their YouTube video, instead just skip forward to around 35mins or so. Live streaming of Lemmy’s funeral is going to occur, is this the new thing for celebrities when they die?

Sam hasn’t seen the Young Ones, Chris fills us in with his old habits with only 2 TV channels.

Dihydrogen monoxide leak hits the Waikato River, with a warning going around on social media about it, we fill you in with what that means for you.

Sam has a plan that ties in with Hamilton being the so-called Christmas city, but there are reasons he can’t say much about it right now.

A whaling scam has happened to an educational establishment here locally, find out how they got fleeced out of $100,000 dollars. Chris wonders if he could become a scam artist online.

Sam got some new glasses that came to the grand total of $56 from Zenni Optical

Chris finally got an update about some Kickstarter he backed many years ago called Punk Mathematics.

We marvel at the Amazon Dash button, something to help make your life easier and also points out just how lazy human beings have become.

Sam read the Nigel Latta book into the dark lands, a quite scary book but also very good.

Chris has been working non-stop on his presentation he is going to be doing at the start of March. Plus a laugh of Chris’s makes an appearance in this episode.

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TCASP EP:062 – New Year new resolutions.


It’s 2016 people, time to be excited.  We celebrated new years by acting like old people and not do much.

We talk about how our Christmas went, Chris managed to get in at least 10 hours of gaming and Sam ended up with a random sort of Christmas gift which you can alter in all it’s glory, all the details within this podcast.

We’ve got a bit of a revival going on, Chris is getting into Southpark and Sam is checking out some online multiplayer games.

We work out why everyone has been crashing their car or drowning this holiday period as well as talking about the helicopter pilot that got into trouble for rescuing someone.

Rant time involves Hoyts cinemas and their super salty popcorn, and the not full refund where they kept 30 cents due to the little tiny bit of popcorn eaten.  Oh and we talk about the Peanuts movie Sam went to see.

We have been board gaming it up lately with Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne

And find out what our New Year’s resolutions are going to be.

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