TCASP EP:070 Deadpool weirdness, T-Shirt saved Chris and Hospital Visit


We recorded this episode very early in the morning as we have so much on this week.  We went to the Hamilton filmmakers networking meeting, saw some great pieces of work achieved in 2015.

Chris has been feeling old again after having to do some physical work this week when a 20 something wearing a moon boot is out doing him.

We had some good food at a place called eat burger.

Sam had a mental block and kept talking about daredevil when he really meant deadpool, which he finally saw and the weird guy at the movies gave him a book.

We talk a little about the crazy that is Donald Trump and how much closer he is getting to the white house.

We as a country have come together and bought a piece of a beach.  Go New Zealand.

Sir Bob Jones has written an awesome letter wanting to make a giant statue of Gareth Morgan to show our appreciation of him, and Chris talks about the one time he met Sir Bob Jones and got shot down in flames.

Mastercard is just about to roll out selfie pay and new way to confirm payment, just snap a photo of yourself.

Facebook reactions are a thing now, Chris recounts how the Fresh Up T-Shirt he still has from like twenty years ago may have saved him from a group beating.

Via the magic of the internet Reddit came to the rescue of a person in distress here in NZ.

We talk about Tropfest as Chris is about to go to it, update next week about how that went.

Sam got a trainee Doctor to start off his short hospital visit, and we open more of Chris’s old mail, what could it be.

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TCASP EP:069 Special Intro, Kanye needs help and a code brown


Chris has a special way of testing the audio before this week starts.  Sam’s highlight of the week is a code brown story from the local swimming pool.

Chris got paid some money he was owed from a while back, and has been giving Snapchat a really good go.  

We enjoyed the show Black Mirror, we discuss the Oprah Winfrey show and not paying performers.  Samsung has announced not to talk about sensitive stuff around it’s smart TV’s, Sam had an experience with Siri.

Queensland police have got upset about a T-Shirt launcher, and have no classed it as a weapon. We talk about Scorpion, the man behind the TV show with the same name and the awesome interview he did with Tim Ferriss.

We talk about Kanye’s problems and how Pizza Hut wanted to help him out.  Spark has set up a trial with some of its phone boxes to charge electric vehicles.  
And the Simpsons are going to have a live segment in an upcoming episode.

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TCASP EP:068 – Asia Pacific Podcast Conference, Hungover and Heatstroke


Chris is tired/hungover from his weekend of awesome.  Sam spent the day at the Weetbix Kids Tryathlon with his daughter

Chris helped out at the Asia Pacific Podcasting Conference which was an awesome event, find out how it went for Chris.  

Someone at the conference was talking to Chris about Sam, but not realising the Sam she knew and this one was the same person.

Animals and drones seem to be a good mix lately, we talk free range hens and sheep.  Come check out the videos.

Chris gets his rant on about a story he read about a car crash, and it turns out they have changed parts of the story and the title since he read it.

Due to Chris’s lifestyle choice of not really having a job, he has had to resort to the meat of the future for food, nut meat.  Find out how appealing nut meat is.

Sam remembered to talk about the YouTube strangeness that is the fine brothers.  Find out what Chris’s default setting is, and what he thought about Deadpool

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TCASP EP:067 – Flying undies, a botched blackmail and a broken inbox


Flying undies are a thing it seems, Sam experiences this.  Chris has an actual day of work and his body didn’t like it at all

We can’t stop laughing at a failed blackmail attempt, find out why it was so crazy.

Drones are getting taken out by a natural predator.

Chris’s inbox has given up the fight, it might be something to do with the 50,000+ unopened emails he has in there, that may be important.

How many people are in space right now?  Well there is a website to tell you that.

And Chris may be interviewing The Podcast Answer man, Cliff Ravenscraft later on this week, find out about that and more all in this week’s podcast.

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