TCASP EP:083 – Movie Premiere, Licki, and a Silent K


Chris reached a new low this week when he ended up with 96 cents in his bank account, there’s not much you can buy for that, luckily he got paid, and now has to wait till next month for all his acting money.

Only Humane, the short film Chris produced and Sam helped out with is now ready to get submitted to film festivals around the world and we had the cast and crew screening, which was awesome and everyone liked it.

We’re joined in studio by a giant cockroach that keeps Chris’s attention and worries Sam while we record the podcast.

Chris has been filming some television commercials lately and he may or may not talk about them in this episode.

Sam might now be doing some background extra work soon, all brought on by them needing people that look like hillbilly’s.

Chris found the amazing story about a Frenchman who made a motorbike from his broken down car to get out a desert.

We have everyone’s favourite segment Kick start or Dropkick in this episode and it revolves around a thing called the licki brush which Chris is rather excited about, Sam isn’t so much.

Charity is stuck with thousands and thousands of rubber ducks they can’t use.  Find out why and what the shady story behind it is.

The Chinese have some out and stated they aren’t canning dead people despite the rumours going around they have been.

Family feud NZ this week caused us to question the NZ schooling regime with some really really dumb people answering a question in such a weird and amusing way.

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TCASP EP:082 – More Umms and Lack of Money


We got retweeted by Thermomix which leads us to wonder if they have it set up automatically.

Shout out to Will Fleming from My Kiwi Life who is a fan of the length of our show as it fits in with his drive to work.

Chris is feeling better now so all his umms are back, more editing for Sam this week 🙁

Chris was a bit disappointed to find his pay packet was lighter than what he thought, but Sam thinks it was about right for what Chris was doing.

Chris got a job with an ad, probably can’t mention it really so keep it hush hush.

Big updates on The Chris and Sam Podcast website, we now have photos up on the site with caption to watch episode they relate to, we have a link to our YouTube channel with The Life of Chris on there and we have more stuff to come.

Chris doesn’t want to urban forage. An interactive map of Hamilton of where to get fruit etc from on council land.

We have a story about a super creepy judge in the US who was dishing out his own brand of punishment to criminals.

Chris has a story about an amazing new SD card, but he’s been working so much he couldn’t link to the story so he has a brief overview of what it was about.

Software is being used to clone machines and predict when they need maintenance or when they may break down.

We need your help in designing our very first Chris and Sam Podcast T-Shirt, listen to find out what we want on it, and we will give you a T-Shirt if we use your design.

Would you want to use The Pilot, a small in ear device that translates languages in real time, coming in September.

Sky Television is increasing some if it’s monthly fees to offset it’s raising prices, we think it is a slowly dying medium and they need to catch up to other platforms.

We have the Only Humane screening for the cast and crew coming up this week, Sam has to remember to go to that and not work.

Chris has seen an article in the paper and is now wanting to make a flower pot heater for our very cold house. What could go wrong.

Planning on EP 4 of The Life of Chris is underway, it should be really epic.

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TCASP EP:081 – Manflu Chris and the Thermomix of Doom


Chris is sick this week, manflu sick. So sick in fact if he had sick days at work, he would take them. But unfortunately he doesn’t so he has to power on through work.

Chris has had one of those days where he has been scared of crapping himself.

Sam has been using the Bullet Journal method to be more productive, he explains what it is all about and recommends Chris and our listeners should give it a go.

Another million dollar Kickstarter project has failed, what a surprise.

We talk about another one where the financial dude stole all the money and they are still trying to get the product to market with the help of the backers.

A 15 year old apparently discovered a new Myan city, Chris is rather excited about it all, Sam not so much after reading a post on Reddit all about it.

Luckily Chris didn’t get second degree burns from a kitchen appliance called a Thermomix when he somehow managed to find himself at a demo night.

Chris went to see the new Captain America movie and was impressed, he’s still waiting for the Marvel movies to fail.

Only Humane the short film we helped with is almost ready to be released, we will be having a crew screening very soon.

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TCASP EP:080 – Cinderella Carriage, Mediaworks Mayhem and another TEDx


Chris had both an acting gig and an audition both on the same day, luckily he came back in time to record this podcast.

Chris had work this week, but no one told him it was in a very cold freezer, he battled on like the battler he is and managed to avoid frostbite.

Sam’s week consisted of work and then going up to get seeds out the heaviest pumpkin in the southern hemisphere before it got turned into a cinderella carriage.

William Trubridge finally beats his own freediving record and has now set it at 122m. This isn’t the first time we have mentioned this guy, check out Episode 11 if you want to hear more about him.

Chris has a rant about local councils selling off water rights to overseas countries for not very much at all, we discuss our opinion on this.

Channel Four here is getting replaced by a new channel called Bravo, a partnership with NBC Universal, which means we will get a lot of crap reality TV shows, including 6 different version of the Housewive of…. Including a NZ one they are filming now. We couldn’t think of anything worse.

Mark Weldon the CEO of Mediaworks resigned this week, just after announcing the new TV channel, much to the joy and celebration of all the employees of the company.

The TV show Story that we don’t like but manage to talk about a bit on this podcast had to apologise this week as they decided to do a live story of naked diners in a cafe here in Hamilton, most people were covered etc, but one waitress came out during the live feed with a crotch shot on national television.

It also appears the only people willing to get naked on live TV are people from Hamilton, and it turns out its way cheaper to bus up strippers to Auckland for a TV show than use the local ones there.

A company has been given the OK to do tests on brain dead patients to see if they can get some reaction, is this the start of the Zombie apocalypse?

A bunch of villagers looked after a washed up “angel” until the local Police inform them it is actually a discarded sex doll.

Chris was at another tedX this week, he fills us in on his experience at the Auckland one. If you saw any of the live stream Chris would like to know what you thought about it, let us know.

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TCASP EP:079 Car Troubles and Our Money is Awesome

Sam had car troubles this week and ended up stranded in Rotorua while that got fixed and missed on helping take NZ’s largest pumpkin up to Auckland to the carver who is going to be turning it into a cinderella carriage for Seven Sharp.

We mention that friend of the show Will Fleming from the My Kiwi Life Podcast has a new job.

Man gets caught out in Christchurch for “helping” a friend with software and installing webcam recording software. He has one of the strangest sounding tips as well to aid his dodgy dodgy scam.

Our new NZ $5 banknote is the best in the world, with high-tech features and awesome design.

China is building cinemas at an astonishing rate, which can only mean good things for filmmakers everywhere, including Chris who is in a Chinese/NZ movie.

Man gets hungry on a train, tweets his way to a getting a pizza delivered thanks to Dominos.

Z and the chief censor are still going on about Wicked Campers.

The TV show story annoyed Chris this week with their whole segment coming off like a bad podcast episode, he thinks we are doing it better.

Fury has been making so much money he better turn up to the boxing fights, but he would rather be at home just laxing out eating bad food.

Chris isn’t impressed with a selfie drone that has been doing the rounds in the media lately.

There is a great Rick and Morty fan theory going around which involves multiverses and how the show may have actually tricked us to who we were actually watching. Chris isn’t really into it and wants to know who is into it?

Hillary Barry is leaving TV3, after 23 years it was to be expected.

Chris might have a part in an upcoming TV pilot some people are shooting, he also fills us in on what else he has going on in the background talent scene.

We also have the tedX Ruakura update and how that is all going, especially for Chris as he is the speaker coach.

Sam was the guest speaker this week at the Waikato Horticultural Society April night, and his stories about pumpkin growing went down really well.

And we find out how Parkour went for Chris the other day.

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