TCASP EP:087 – Resting Bitch Face, Canned Air and Hashbrowns


We recorded this episode earlier in the week as Sam is off to Christchurch and he’s Sam spent many hours making a hat, find out what that is all about, or check out the video on our Facebook page to see it in action.

Chris wants to hand our special Chris certificates after reading about the fake WOF’s you can get up north.

Sam has a better idea for a card Chris can use and it involves Chris eyes and also has now learnt what Chris eyes sounds like this week.

Chris found a possible future creepy old version of himself on a shoot that he was on this week.

Chris’s smile didn’t warm up a famous person face, was it the smile or the person involved, it’s hard to tell.

Kiwi regional airlines went bust after just 7 months,

Meatloaf collapsed on stage, we put it on our list in case he died, but he didn’t so that’s all we have on that.

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TCASP EP:086 Feedback, Fieldays and Sex Box


We’ve recorded half of this episode twice due to technology being dumb.

We have a follow-up from episode 85, NZ Post got in touch with us about our comments on their new electric buggies, and we’ve learnt that a story Chris talked about happened like almost a year ago.

Chris almost got caught out with another news story this week, but realised it was a hoax mere seconds before he was about to post it to the Chris and Sam Facebook page.

TEDx Ruakura update this week, a big rehearsal for all the speakers and Sam helped out on the day. Chris was in good form, and might be working towards making a speaker cry.

We hung out with Will Fleming from the Will Fleming Vlog, his mate Rob, as well as Lush Monster, Karl who along with his wife turned up with his 360-degree camera which filmed us.

We mention fan of the show Jeremy Howson, who is wanting to interact with us live, one day he might be able to once we work out a schedule when we are recording.

This week we heard from Karl all about the Budweiser watch his dad gave him, that was powered by Budweiser.

We learnt about a website that helps domestic violence people get help. They have a free button you can put on your website.

We answer a burning question about our outro on the podcast, find out if we mean friends or friend.

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TCASP EP:085 – Spark Technical Department, Golden Rule of Urination and Idiocracy


NZ Post has now got a bunch of oversized electric scooter type vehicles to deliver the mail with, but they won’t be using them right away.

We caught up with Sash and Alan George this week, lots of movie stuff and script writing was talked about, including did you piss on the sticks a new phrase Chris mentioned where he may have been mocked a bit about.

The writers of the film Idiocracy are planning to make some anti-Trump ads with star of the movie Terry Crews, as real life is getting stranger than fiction.

An interesting photo has appeared on the internet of a fish stuck inside a jellyfish.

We talk about the Spark Technical Department, something that happened to Sam during the week, but something Chris thought he wrote down so he researched it, find out what he came up with and what the actual story was.

Chris thinks becoming part of the clergy might be a good idea as it could be an easy way to make money if he gets a bunch of followers. Just like Brian Tamaki does and then spends it all on expensive trips around the world.

An Astronaut faces murder charges and while this didn’t occur in space, Chris wonders what they do with all the old astronauts at NASA.

We discuss the bullshit that is the Brock Turner story.

Sky TV is in talks with Vodafone for a merger, is this a good idea or just a way to help out each other as they struggle in their respective spaces.

From the search engine section, we learnt that Google is using AI to make compelling art and music.

Licki brush update and we also remember we owe someone a dollar from like a year ago.

Find out about the golden law of urination this week, how all large mammals pee the same no matter how big they are.

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TCASP EP:084 – Pumpkin Onesie, Cooking Squirrels and Cheap Chinese Stuff


It’s cold when we recorded this episode so Sam busted out his pumpkin onesie to keep warm.

Chris has been busy working a lot in the last week yet he is more broke than he was the week before.

Sam might be getting a extra role on Shortland St early next week, we will have to see if it happens.

Emotikis are coming, the world’s first Maori emoji keyboard and Chris wonders if it is easy to make your own one, he thinks a pumpkin based one would be good. We talk about his short lived Fiverr career in the process.

Crazy story about a man who cooked up a squirrel, caused his girlfriends whole apartment complex to burn down and she has to foot the millions in damages. Another crazy US story for you.

How did our flatmates cat get a new collar? We discuss the mystery and have no real answer.

We discuss the very disturbing and gross actions of a Christian teacher in a third world country and the abuse he did on children.

We talk about the story about the dead man whose wife was granted the removal of his testicles, but the family is opposed to her using them further to get pregnant. Interesting case, and what would we do. Also Chris gives out his verbal will on the show.

A student attending a CPR course acts strange and then dies, the instructor brings them back to life with CPR, talk about being at the right place at the right time.

Not only did Chris get stung by a poor product from China recently, a local construction company who is building a highway had issues with their chinese bought steel they were going to make bridge with.

Chris wants to hear from someone using Omnity search engine, a new search engine to help search research papers etc.

Chris is doing a daily blog now, with interesting content every day, you never know what he is going to publish, check it out on Chris’s website,

We talk about the Zen at work post Chris published, and this leads onto Chris’s amazing work ethic involving stacking boxes of chewing gum.
The launch party for TedX Ruakura was held this week, all to drum up sponsorship for the event, Chris talks about his potential Chris eyes moment/creepiness.

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