TCASP EP:092 – Smoke Alarm Issues and Stuff

Allan George is keen for us to have some sort of party for our 100th episode. Chris was slack at messaging him back. We contemplate if we are party people.

Sam’s been all over the place as a sick sort of relative isn’t looking too good, and he encounters people’s reactions about video calling that have never done it before.

Chris discusses about the merits of the Sky Path that is going to be built in Auckland, who is going to use this thing?

Chris can’t remember where he’s heard a story from before and has to think about it before asking someone if they heard about it.

No surprises the churches of NZ are making a tonne of money.

Our flatmate had issues with a smoke alarm that wasn’t as it was advertised this week.

Making a murderer season 2 has been announced, we discuss what that entails.

If you find yourself in an animal park where you can drive around in your own car, we have a top tip for you so you don’t get killed by a wild animal.

Some Canadians took Pokemon GO too far, find out where they ended up.

Apparently one of the more romantic spots this week here in NZ was at The Warehouse car park.

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TCASP EP:091- Droning on about drones, and Musks 10 Year Plan


Chris has been making “gold” from blood this week, find out how much the end product is worth from the new place he is working at.

Sam went to SMCAKL and heard all about drones, and drones are coming to the rescue and helping out the US ferrets population, find out how they are doing this in this episode.

Another crazy shooting in America with a mental health worker getting shot for no real reason.

The freediving record was beaten yet again, and Sam doesn’t really care at all. When will this stop?

Chris started a super conversation on Facebook about the legalise marijuana debate, is it time we as a country legalise it?

Joseph Parker is the man and won his latest fight.

Elon Musk has rolled out the next 10 year plan for his companies, we talk about that and what we think about driverless cars. Chris can’t wait.

The trump machine is rolling on and a whole bunch more stuff all in this episode of the podcast.  Make sure to tell your friend.

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TCASP EP:090 – Pokemon Go, Vlogging and Chris is levelling up at work


We have an upcoming rehearsal for TEDx Ruakura coming up, make sure to get your tickets to the event.

Harley Neville from the Guy and Harley podcast is one of the acts for TEDx Ruakura, bringing his own style of poetry to the stage.

Sam found a Kickstarter that involves socks, they seem pretty cool. Let’s see what you think about skinners.

Auckland parking prices are looking set to rise. Quite a lot, Chris can’t quite believe it.

Also in Auckland we talk about the Subway worker who locked themselves inside a walk-in fridge, to be rescued by a member of the public.

Chris is moving up in the world of lab technicians, as he has picked up work in the other lab, the cleaner lab.

We discuss the craziness that is Pokemon GO, and how it is taking over the world. And we think Samuel L Jackson should explain Pokemon GO.

What businesses are capitalizing on Pokemon GO? We think mobile coffee cart people should be setting up and helping out all these crazy players.

Nintendo are bringing out the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition gaming system, chock full of old games for all the retro people out there.

Sam went and got another phone, this one is way better than his old phone, so he is happy.

Sam’s also been vlogging every day this month (so far) find out why he is doing this and make sure to check it out.

Friends of the show Sash and Mary have just announced their engagement and we have an awesome idea for their wedding.

SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear with Silver by Skinners Technologies — Kickstarter
Auckland city parking rates hike: Eight-hour workday could cost $63 – Business – NZ Herald News
Subway worker rescued from storeroom in Newmarket Auckland store |
Relive past glories with Nintendo’s ultimate retro gaming experience – Nintendo Official Site
Gravity || Spoken Word about Atheism – Official Video – YouTube
The WebSam Vlog – YouTube

TCASP EP:089 – Chris is the Serum master, Online learning and there’s no drugs in there.


If you need A grade serum from blood Chris is your man, he’s doing more at his new job and it still sounds as disgusting as the first time.

Google and Maritime NZ have partnered and have made the largest GeoFence, all the way around NZ’s coastline, find out why, and Chris learns what geofencing is.

Chris talks about the solar sand printer he read about and we discuss if we think it’s an actual thing or not.

NZ company SwiftPoint have made a new gaming mouse, is this the new future of mice?

Chris finds out how is beloved Licki brush went on KickStarter.

An escort agency is getting sued because it didn’t supply the famous hot woman it promised to some dude.

Chris talks about the Enchroma glasses that can help colorblind people out.

Chris loses the plot and laughs a lot at something not very appropriate, find out what caused all this crazy laughter.

The crazy Americans and their gun problems come up again in a conversation.

Wintec annoyed Sam by not really helping him out too much this week, find out what happened.

We talk about a great online learning website we have both been using called Future Learn.

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TCASP EP:088 Chris is a Scientist, Crushed Dreams and Drug Notes


Sam is back from his trip from Christchurch, find out how that went.

Chris has started a new job, it involves blood and snoods, Chris isn’t a fan of the Snood it turns out.

We found out more about the resting bitch face condition affecting a whole bunch of people.

We have a Kickstarter this week called VI, which is a set of headphones that will be your personal coach using artificial intelligence.

Our amazing banknotes are now becoming famous for being some of the most contaminated with drugs ever now.

When going through airport security don’t try to be fancy by stating a product’s name, just say what it is.

No museums visited on Sam’s trip this time but find out who he sat next to on the flight down to Christchurch.

A never before seen Lego display is coming to Hamilton and Auckland very soon.

Someone at New World decided it was a good idea to give away a toxic fake snow product to children that is hard to tidy up and not good for anyone.

Cartoons by Jim is releasing a new collection about technology, you can help and get your name in the book.

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