TCASP EP96: – Self Driving Cars, movie magic, and cocks not glocks


In this week’s podcast we published a little bit late due to being busy with the practice 48hr film run this weekend.

Find out what Chris has coming from China.

Sam went to the very first AGM for The Great Pumpkin Carnival, he is now the vice president, find out the challenges he will face soon, explaining some very “high tech” stuff to them.

We discuss the TV shows, Preacher and Stranger Things and highly recommend you check those out.

Self driving cars are coming, sooner than you think, and we discuss the choices the car will have to make in a car crash.

Thanks to some movie magic, Chris was allowed to hit on some woman this week.

Sam had a strange experience at the local Binn Inn store, find out what happened.

We talk about the upcoming podfest celebrations for our 100th episode, find out more about it in this episode.

An elderly man gets bitch slapped in a place just around the corner from us, find out what happened and how the family busted the carer.

Air NZ has a good week and a bad week with two different stories coming out with their workers, which leads us to a moral question, how would you answer it?
Drone delivered pizza is going to start trials soon, Sam thinks it’s just a silly idea and outlines why.

And to top everything off, Chris “found” a story about cocks not glocks.

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TCASP EP:095 – Human Centipede, Simulated Sex and The Olympics


Episode 95 is here, Chris thinks a semi-innocent mention about a name for upcoming 100th episode party is OK, Sam informs him it is probably a reference to a movie he hasn’t seen.

Just before this podcast was recorded we watched The Nice Guys, and give our thoughts on that movie.

Chris has an upcoming film shoot, where he has the potential to make a lot more money if he is naked or has simulated sex scenes, he doesn’t even know what normal sex is so probably wont be doing the simulated scenes.

Sam released an informative video this week on what not to do with panko bread crumbs.

The supreme award winner at the SMCAKL awards night was the Police with their running man video.

NZ Blood is doing a clever marketing campaign to help try and get more people donating as they are after type A and O blood.

Google fibre has relised how hard it is to do a fibre roll out, so are now looking at more wireless options.

#trumpexplainsmovieplots is a hashtag that’s been doing the rounds, Chris tests Sam on these.

Chris saw some footage of a squirrel with a gopro, check it out below.

We talk about the McDonald’s sponsorship of the Olympic games, and the marketing stuff up that happened to Under Armour when Phelps appeared on the front cover of Sports Illustrated. Chris could’ve fixed that up with MS paint, and if you need any work done with MS Paint, Chris is your got to man.

There is also the story of the American Olympic Swimmer who made up the robbery story after being drunk and breaking a toilet door.

We also touch on how Scummy SKY TV is yet again and how the Australians have laws in place that make it mandatory to show national sports teams games free to air.

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TCASP EP:094 – Paranormal Experience, BPme and IFTTT


Episode 94 is here, with 100 very close. Chris has a bout of manflu this episode.

Chris watched all of stranger things and tells us what he thinks about it.

Chris has an “amazing” paranormal experience this week, find out what happened to him.

Making a murderer co accused has had his conviction overturned, he has 90 days to be released from prison.

We learnt that Japan has more car charging stations than petrol stations this week, which is a pretty amazing fact when you think about it.

Is the new BPme app going to be good, or is it a stupid idea that will just annoy other people? We discuss this and wonder how it will work out and why they just don’t have payment at the pump like other petrol stations.

Watson the IBM computer worked out a better diagnosis than a bunch of doctors, is this the way of the future, we think so.

IFTTT is a great way to interconnect different applications to perform certain tasks, and now it is going to be baked into certain products making it even better.

Square the payment platform has worked out a way to make money in a different way to their main product, we discuss this and find out what a good idea it is.

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TCASP EP:093 – Suicide Squad, Dumb Australians and PR Problems


Welcome to this episode of the podcast, Chris went to see suicide squad to find out what all the fuss was about, did he like the film? Find out in this episode. And make sure to check out one of the funniest reviews ever written by

We talk about TEDx Ruakura and how it went, it seems to be going really well for one of the speakers already, find out which one.

Chris talks about his interesting dinner he had.

Trying to film a dog that was going to pay for a coffee didn’t seem to work out as expected, and Chris tells an amazing story about a dog that could get its own food.

Apparently, we are having a party for the podcast when it reaches it’s 100th episode, find out more about the “planning” for this in this episode.

Some stupid Australian kids might be up for a bravery award, which is just stupid, have a listen and see what you think.

We discuss the Waikato Chiefs and their PR problems they have had after being in the news for inappropriate behaviour with a stripper.

We talk about the new Instagram feature stories which is a complete rip-off of Snapchat, how will this end and who will win?

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