TCASP EP: 100 – 100th Episode and Podfest


Episode 100 is here and if you listen to just one episode of this podcast it should be this one. We recorded a bit of the normal stuff at the start, with clips from the podfest party near the end. This will be a longer than usual podcast.

But first off we cover how Spark Innovation Unconference went for Chris and how the 48hr filming weekend went with Sam.

Chris yet again does not know what is going on in the world, so he is surprised that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a divorce, he thought it had happened years ago.

City Fitness are talking about banning posers as body building people can intimidate others at the gym apparently.

Chris is keen to get some all bird shoes and explains what they are, but the price may have put him off a bit.

The short film we helped out with Only Humane is going to get it’s worldwide premiere at The Arohanui Film Festival late October, so we talk about that.

AND…………. We held an event called Podfest to celebrate our 100th episode. Some of us may have got a little drunb, skip to 22 minutes in to hear the amazing audio that is podfest.

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TCASP EP:99 – Vegetarian Hell, Art of Apologising

We are getting excited this week, we are one more episode away from the mighty 100, but for now you’ll have to find out what has been going on this week.

Chris had bad news and then some good news in regards to his job and the contract he has, just when you thought the fetal blood stuff was sorta gross he has moved into another area and he might actually be in vegetarian hell.

Chris is off to the Spark Unconference, and Sam is taking part in the HP48 hour filmmaking event with rain forecast for the weekend.

We have a follow-up last week, remember when we were talking about blind people and money, well we found a page on the internet which explains why they didn’t put braille on our new money.

We remembered last week we had a TEDx meeting where Sam was the facilitator, so we talk about how that went a little bit and how some people were impressed when Sam had a haircut.

Spark has little robots lining up for the new iPhone launch, they seem pretty cool from a marketing point of view.

Are terrorists just going to strap themselves with a whole bunch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s instead of explosives? Could be just as effective.

An American company seems to have the right idea when apologising for a poor taste advertisement they made in regards to 9/11, maybe whoever is working at the Chiefs rugby club might be able to pick up some tips and maybe come up with a better result next time they do something really stupid.

Another case of rich people getting away too easily, this time here in NZ, when a young man who can’t handle his alcohol knocks a policewoman unconscious and continues to punch her, gets a very light sentence.

Landlords are wondering what the tenancy tribunal is up to, after it rules that a woman doesn’t need to help pay for new carpet in the rental she was in after her dogs urinated everywhere, even though she wasn’t allowed pets, we delve into this and find out what the hell was going on.

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TCASP EP:98 – Robots, Blind People and the Apple Headphone Saga


We think we have fixed the crackle sound in the podcast, only time will tell and Chris is feeling good about working his sort of part time hours lately.

We’ve been binge watching Silicon Valley this week, a great show you need to check out if you haven’t seen it yet.

We talk about Microsoft and their new platform they are building which is pretty much a copy of Slack.

Snapchat appears to be pushing hard to get an IPO sorted out before the bubble bursts and they get crushed by Instagram.

Security robots sound really cool and they have been doing a good job until it knocked over a small child but who really was at fault?

Jurors will be able to explore crime scenes in VR with the help of a $400 robot that looks like it was made by a kid out of Mechano.

We have a discussion about blind people and how they pay for things.

SGNL is an awesome looking Kickstarter allowing you to answer and talk on your phone with your finger. Something that Chris saw around 10 years ago.

Staying with Kickstarter we talk about the bunch of bags that have appeared on there recently including one of the most funded ever, the peak design bag.
Chris did an interview this week, find out who he talked to.

Chris also wants to get back into watching horror movies, he talks about how well they do at the movies and make a lot of money for the studios.

A story came out about a frugal librarian and the huge amount of money he left behind to the place he worked, but find out what he did in his spare time.

We talk about the whole apple phone jack thing, and what the positives of removing this are.

Benjamin Bell who was a speaker at TEDx Ruakura has been in the news recently about his smart band for people in hospitals.

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TCASP EP:97 – 48hr Practice, McChicken and Fog Machines


Hi everyone, sorry about the bad audio last week, we have now fixed that problem.

We talk about our 48hr practice weekend and how glamourous filmmaking is. We are using crowdfunding to get money to feed the cast and crew on the proper weekend, help us out if you can. (link below)

We are hopeful this year’s attempts will be better than last years, which you can hear all about in episode 31 and find out about the issue we had during the filming of the practice weekend.

Is Donald Trump breathing a sigh of relief as all signs point to him not becoming president?

All Mobil stations now have crazy fog machines inside them to deter burglars.

We have a new box for the internets and it seems to be causing some issues for Sam this week.

Taumarunui farmer wants to have toilets with one way glass to help drive tourists to stop at the small town.

Facebook fires it’s trending topics team because it turns out they are more useless than computers at doing their job, especially when it comes to the McChicken story which if you don’t know what that is, it is a guy making sweet sweet love to a McChicken burger.

The Irish aren’t happy with Apple and want them to pay the tax they are owed, how will this play out.

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