TCASP EP:105 – Twitter Bot that Won’t Stop

Episode 105 is here, and these are the show notes for this amazing episode of The Chris and Sam Podcast

Chris hardly moved today as he was working from home, which is something he will do more of no doubt soon as he is currently unemployed.

Sam was super tired and ended up trying a new energy drink from Berocca, have a listen to find out what he thought about it.

What did Sam set up this week that he can’t turn off and will Chris’s time be taken up watching the live Trump news on Facebook now?

Is Facebook live getting more popular now? Lots of people are using it for interviews and other interesting ways.

Microsoft and Google both have big screen devices now, Sam can’t remember what they are called, so look forward to an “in-depth” discussion about them.

There is another Windows 10 update coming, maybe it might fix all the problems we’ve been having with our USB ports, seriously sort this stuff out Microsoft.

Are council’s spending way too much money on social media marketing? Some aren’t even breaking $20. Other are spending a lot, find out where Hamilton sits, and is it money well spent?

Sam tells Chris about the Buffer made tool, Pablo, which has increased his output a lot, from his old man ways he was using before.

We talk about the Dreamworld disaster and a strange use of language by one of the officials.

We heard about the poison ivy story this week, not about the plant, but about the very poisonous 17-year-old from NZ, who is meeting males online, degrading them and trying to make them commit suicide.

The Prime Minister’s son is being an idiot again, this time yelling out stupid comments from a car.

Chris is off to the Arohanui short film festival this weekend, where Only Humane the short film we helped out with is having its world premiere, listen in next week to hear all about that and some Chris stories no doubt.

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TCASP EP:104 – Sore Back and Apps


Welcome to episode 104 of the podcast.

Sam’s tired in this podcast as he’s been to group day today, if you’re not sure what that is you’ll have to listen to find out.

Chris has hurt his back so everyday things are a real struggle for him, like putting his shoes on, something he has to do multiple time a day at his job, luckily for him that job finishes on Tuesday and then he is unemployed once again. So if you have a job and you’d like to pay Chris some money get in touch.

We are going to talk about some awesome new apps we have seen, Chris forgot we are doing this, but did end up going to an interesting meetup with people using VR here in Hamilton to do awesome things.

Guardian Circle App – An app to use in emergencies to let other people know that you need help.

Sparemin – An app to have a 5min conversation with someone you know, which can be recorded and published so other people can listen to.

Traffick Cam App – An app to help in the fight against sex trafficking by allowing you to take photos of hotel rooms you stay in and adding them to a database.

Text Expander – A desktop application that allows you to type a short abbreviation and the app fills in the rest of the words you want.

Chris has worked his way through Luke Cage and has come to realise that friend of the show Sash Nixon was correct in his review of the series.

We discuss the revenue Netflix made this year and what we think about their business plan, should they make more movies? Or stick with series?

We talk a bit more about TV shows and how some aren’t being made here in NZ because they would rather have something that appeals to everyone and is crap instead of making something a bit more niche and having die hard fans it seems.

A candy crush game show is coming and it sounds really shitty, what is the point of it?

Also our favourite dropshipping provider in the US Shopito now have a really cool app where you can do everything on the app, very handy indeed.

Find out why a man down south isn’t after anyone “soft” for a job he is advertising.

Chris is heading to the Arohanui Film Festival at the end of the month, make sure to say hi if you are there.

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TCASP EP:103 – Trumpkins and Driving into the Lake


We are back this week with a large range of topics covered, which is good as Chris has finally remembered the tagline for the show.

Sam went back to the dentist and is going back next week for even more teeth related stuff.

The 48hr finals for Hamilton were on this week, we went along and picked up one award, find out what one we got. And it was interesting how we had different opinions on which ones we liked.

We talk a bit about the tragedy that occurred in south Waikato earlier on in the week, when a male suffering from mental health issues went on a bit of a rampage, killing his mum, and two strangers in their home.

We talk about the plans to build the best gun club in the southern hemisphere right next to a meditation retreat.

Chris found an article talking about messy people and how people spending time sorting out things like 20,000 emails aren’t being that productive.

D list NZ celebrity came out this week stating they wanted to reclaim the Swastika, a genuine concern or just some random talking to get into the news?

Sam went and saw the film Pete’s Dragon, and knowing it was filmed in NZ it was easy for him to spot some telltale signs it was shot here.

Chris had some work this week as an extra in a documentary and things got confusing when the director was playing a director within the doco.

We talk about Hamilton latest mayor, the very small margin of a win, how people are unhappy and how we apparently have a crazy conspiracy theory nut on the council.

Some people having a driving lesson managed to crash their car into the lake and have to be rescued by passersby’s this week.

We discuss the plans that Germany have about banning all internal combustion engines by 2030, will they be able to do it and what it doesn’t involve?

Halloween is going to be awesome in the US this year as Trumpkins will appear all over the place.

Find out how Chris got blisters on his delicate old man hands this week, and why some people annoyed him at work.

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TCASP EP:102 – Robot baby and Broken Kneecaps


In our seemingly never-ending quest to sort out the noise issues, we recorded the podcast differently this week and it sounds amazingly clear.

Chris went and found out what projects are in the works for the film crew we are with, Slate48. Our 48hr film Cabin in the Wool made it into the finals in Hamilton, and we also got nominated for 5 other awards, which is super exciting.

Chris wrote a script as well this week, which needs a lot of work, like lots. Keep tuned in to find out how that goes.

Friend of Chris’s, Victor Ahipene has released an ebook called “The Authority Handbook: The Ultimate Guide for Connecting with Industry Influencers to Boost Your Profile” Chris rates Victor highly and recommends you read this book.

Sam went to the dentist this week after finding a better dentist, he’s had half a root canal done, with the rest being done later on in the week.

He’s also been dealing with couriers all week and went to Mitre10 Mega for their gardening night to help sell giant pumpkin seedlings.

Chris has a gig as an extra for a doco set in the 80’s this week, he might be able to take his own 80’s clothing as he doesn’t throw anything out, tune in for the next podcast to hear how that went

Following on from the talk about Rocket Lab in last week’s show, we found out that their online booking system for putting things in their rockets is a very cool way of doing it on their website, better than ordering pizza.

Boeing’s CEO has thrown down the challenge of getting people to Mars and think they will be able to get there sooner than Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

We discuss if Chris will get one of the robot babies that Toyota is bringing out next year.

Chris tells us about his time in his youth when his family hung out with a real life “Ray Donovan” type character, and the mystery around his broken knee caps.

We talk a bit about the Aaron Smith toilet saga which has been blowing up big time in the media.

Chris got a phone call during the podcast, and it looks like he might be getting some contract work over the next couple of months.

Facebook marketplace is driving Chris crazy, is Facebook just getting worse as time goes by?

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TCASP EP: 101 – Drones as far as the eye can see


Seeing as this is the first podcast back after the podfest party, Chris apologises to everyone in this episode, and we have to give a big shoutout to Auphonic who manage to make the podcast sound 1000% better than the original recording.
The first live presidential debate just occurred and it was as expected, SouthPark has been keeping up with the it as well with some clever episodes coming out recently.

Chris informs us about the Flag app, a Kickstarter campaign where they want to send you up to 20 free photos per month, and have advertising on the back of them.

Sam’s getting some dental work done, and gets the whole theory around having a high pain threshold reconfirmed.

Rocket lab is a Kiwi company that is all about rockets, and they have just announced their launch location near Gisbourne, they are planning to do 100 launches a year.

Nano particles to help stop viruses

It’s that time of the year when people are beginning to moan about NZ Secret Santa.

We came across this food review in the local newspaper and we’re not sure if we would want to go there or not try the food.

We talk about the new drones that are out, both GoPro and DJI have released smaller drones that both have pluses and minuses, which one do you like?

How do you launch an app when you don’t want anyone to know who you really are? Well have a listen and find out what the people behind Meerkat did recently.

We’ve been watching the show Ray Donovan and quite like it, find out what it is and make sure to check it out.

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