TCASP EP:117 – Chris’s Mums Wedding, Night Luging and TEDx Scott Base


We are back this week with a regular episode after our 2 year old backup was last weeks episode, make sure to check it out to hear about Trev and Spain.

A southern man has placed and ad to sell the remote for a specialised trailer a thief stole this week, all for the small sum of $16000 dollars. Chris found a story about a tortoise getting badly damaged in a fire and how 3D printing helped replace his shell.

Sam went night luging, it turns out Chris has never been luging before so he gets a run down on it, and thinks it might be too dangerous for him.

We discuss the much needed and wanted commuter train from Hamilton to Auckland. We think they just need to take the risk and do it and the people will come, don’t do a half assed job with it.

TEDx Scott base was held recently, Chris went to a viewing party and met some interesting people.

Journalists are having to ban together when trump is concerned, find out what that is all about .

We talk about Chris’s Mum’s upcoming wedding which was a surprise to him, and Chris had his first lines on Shortland St this week, has a star been born?

Sam did his first Parkrun last weekend, find out what that is about and how he went.

All that and a bit more in this episode, let us know your thoughts on any of this.

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TCASP EP:116 – Trev and stories from Spain


We are a bit busy this week to get together and record the podcast so we have fished out the backup episode we recorded WAY back in April 2015.

We bring you the story of Trev a guy Sam worked with and some stories from when Chris was in Spain.

We’ll be back to regular programming next week.

TCASP EP:115 – A funeral, some chocolate and a phone sensor


Welcome to episode 115, a bit of a busy week so instead of the usual things we have saved to talk about we are going old school and just making it all up as we go along, what could go wrong. Sam’s dealing with his slightly grumpy child today, he’s also off to the bank and going to go bowling.

Find out why Chris has been a bit sore and find out about what Sam’s been up to with Facebook and Twitter recently.

Sam had a bunch of Twitter notifications the other day and he didn’t know why, turns out everyone now knows when his birthday is. Find out how that happened.

Chris went and helped out on the PigVille production of Older the Movie as an extra in a funeral scene. How often were Chris eyes activated? You’ll have to listen to find out.,

There is a new sensor in a phone that can analyse anything, how cool would that be, which leads into Sam talking about him doing the Whole30 Food challenge right now and how he has just won a lot of chocolate.


New smartphone can analyse materials

TCASP EP:114 – Dog Sitting, Rail Cruising and Smear Time


Welcome to 2017, with the first podcast we’ve recorded in 2017. Come on in, sit down and find out what we have been up to lately.

Not much has been happening on the #dickstone2016 front so far, although Chris is hopeful he will pass it without knowing according to a conversation he had earlier in the week.

Find out how the dog sitting went over new years for Chris, how traumatized is the dog from all the laughing Chris did? We may never know. But we do know he got confused as to what the dog toy was supposed to be looking like.

Sam went rail cruising in the new year, where you go in these little golf cart looking contraptions down a railway line, find out how that went. Sam also saw the big balloon thing which is Rotorua’s latest tourist attraction we talked about the other week, totally underwhelmed by the look of it and still doesn’t know what the benefits of it are.

It wouldn’t be a podcast if Chris didn’t mention his favourite person, Donald Trump, this time it is about his new years tweet he sent out.

We talk about smear time and what has been happening with the adjustment of time lately.

Movie making is getting better for people with smaller budgets with people working on a new motion capture suit.

Sam tried out a cheap VR headset thing where it holds your phone in front of your face, find out how that went.

There’s now a new service to save your kids teeth, and it isn’t as creepy as it sounds and could have real benefit in the future.

While 2016 was pretty bad for celebrities dying, there was a whole bunch of cool stuff that happened as well, we discuss them.

How many earthquakes did we have in 2016 here in NZ? A lot, find out the correct answer in this episode of the podcast.

We learnt about a new app that Auckland ports is using that saves time and apparently an age old way of dealing with ships that are coming into port.

Sam went and saw the movie Sing the other day, find out what he thought about it.

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TCASP EP:113 – Dickstone Update, Hatchimals and Pet Sitting


We are looking forward to a future episode when Chris tells us how the pet sitting went with a great dane. He also gets us up to speed with a #dickstone2016 update where he thinks he has the best app idea ever.

Chris had a super special secret Santa gift turn up after our last podcast, a custom piece of artwork made by our #1 fan Jeremy, find out what it is and where we may hang it up.

Sam explains about the whole Hatchimal craze this Christmas and how his daughter ended up with one when they were all sold out.

Does every strange sport in NZ claim it is the fastest growing sport in NZ? Maybe, Sam explains what Pickle Ball is, something he learnt about over Christmas.

Someone at Shoe Clinic probably needs a talking to after putting out some very crazy advice for Woman runners, it upset a lot of people especially on the Twitter.

Does wanting to lick an Ice Cream make you gay? We talk about the stupid comment from Richard Hammond and the difference between its gay and its gay.

Chris’s inbox led him to miss an important email to do with the short film Only Humane being accepted into a film festival, and we get interrupted mid story with a strange phone call Sam received.

More famous people have been dying this week.

We run through some of the weirdest things people have put into their body and got stuck according to an annual list from the US.

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