TCASP EP:132 – Sin, Vegas and The Sevens


This week’s episode isn’t brought to you by Kingfisher beer, it is brought to you by some random bottle of port Chris is drinking, will this enhance the show? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Before Chris’s trip to the real Las Vegas, we get to hear about how his trip to Rotovegas was, and Sam fills us in on what wheelie day was and what he was supervising.

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TCASP EP:131 – The Marriage Breakup


We start this podcast with a talk about Facebook and the new thing they are bringing out. And then a new story has come out saying MP3 is now a dead format, is this just click bait headlines or is there something to it? We discuss it.

Wannacry ransomware has been in the news a lot the last couple of weeks, what is it and how did some random dude slow down the spread of it? Find out in this episode.

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TCASP EP:130 – John Wick 2, Upcoming Travels and a Weird Rage


Welcome to another episode of everyone’s favourite podcast, we start off with Chris talking about how unfit he feels, and how he’s going to be sore after going to the gym, we went and saw John Wick 2, find out our thoughts on this film.

Chris has possibly the worst rant ever, it makes no sense, find out what he is going on about.

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TCASP EP:129 – Can of Air and the TED Cinema Experience


Chris has had another full on week, which included house sitting and looking after a toothless cat. Chris has been watching Rick and Morty and now likes it. Sam watch a documentary called Silicon Cowboys and explains what that was about.

YikYak is no more and is shutting down its services, we discuss that and find out if Chris knows what it is.

Chris has been so busy that he hasn’t been keeping up with his busy busy Tinder life, find out what he has been up to with that lately.

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