We missed last week’s podcast due to being so busy, we talk about that and why Chris was driving a car into someone on purpose.

What would you do if you came across hitchbot?  We saw a rather strange short film the other day, someone called the codfather is in trouble, Sam lost part of a mouse and lots more awesomeness all rolled up in this episode.

Blab Beta – Watch live conversations
Former Hamilton police car turned into drug lab |
A semen-il pint: Wellington pub and brewer create beer laced with stag semen |
NZ’s first alcohol-free bar closes its doors
Maul | Short Film | NZ On Screen
Abiogenesis – short film
HitchBOT, hitchhiking robot, gets beheaded in Philly –
The Codfather Takeaways defies Paramount Pictures in trademark battle |
Up An Adam – Get up and do something!