The podcast is now officially a year old and Chris celebrated by singing Happy Birthday, which may scar you for life.

Chris managed to get to Armageddon where he was grumpy old man Chris, find out why he was carrying a sleeping bag around with him all day, and no it wasn’t cosplay.  Daredevil Bad Blood was screened as well, find out how that went.

He also tried out Oculus Rift and Sony VR headsets, find out what he thought and what set caused him problems, mainly due to his inexperience.  He also signed up to a talent agency and is waiting for his call back.

Someone dropped their guts at the gym and it wasn’t one of us, honest.  Chris is all over at the moment and explains it a bit.

The blackberry priv is coming and will you want one?  And how to use rhymes to remember passwords.  All that and more in the meaty edition of the podcast.


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