Chris was in Auckland this week at the content marketing summit and he saw the biggest yacht ever that blew his mind, also he talks a bit about the conference.

He also went down to Tropfest and talks about the Hamilton film that made it into the finals and friend of the show Allan George won third  with his film titled Lon-Done 

TEDx Wellington is where Chris is off to this week, and why we have to record this early in the morning again.

Sam has veins that are champions apparently after getting some blood tests done this week.

NZ’s bachelor star gets the world record for the loudest apple crunch.

We learnt a new fact about Keanu Reeves this week, which we thought was pretty awesome.

A postman has been found to have fathered around 1300 children in the US.

Auckland has a tech peeper on the prowl, using technology to take photos of people while they are asleep, but he was foiled in the process.

My Kiwi life intro tune is stuck in Chris’s head, good work Will.
Banksy on advertising, an interesting perspective on advertising.

Art Green sets world record for loudest apple crunch |
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Police searching for Auckland tech-savvy peeping tom – National – NZ Herald News