Chris starts the podcast off with his own special rendition of a theme song, try and guess what it is.

Our extensive research we put into each and every show let us down last week, find out what story was complete crap.

Along the same lines, the Scorpion guy mentioned a while back may also not be as amazing as first thought, did he dupe Tim Ferriss?

Turns out the “amazing” bambillo pillow might actually be crap.  

A dumbass American woman who advocates the use of guns gets shot by her 4 year old while driving.

Some dude shot some cops here in NZ, luckily not fatally and he also lived once they got him out of the house he was in.

Find out how TEDx Wellington went for Chris and how the workshop the next day was.

Chris didn’t like the parking prices in Auckland recently and ended up with a parking ticket.

We talk about what it’s like to burn a house down and how some volunteer firefighters get to burn down a $14.2 million dollar home.

Chris’s acting gig this week was pretending to be a mine rescue worker, but he didn’t end up doing anything.

What makes the DJI Phantom 4 a pretty cool quadcopter?  We discuss the new version.

Michael Keaton was spotted in NZ the other day, hope he’s been having a great time.

Trello has a new chrome plugin which is awesome, you need to check Trello out and the plugin as it will help you out a lot.


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