Sam has gotten over a cold this week, we also have Chinese fans of the show.  Chris is the king of sneaky apparently after getting his mate finally to Auckland for his surprise 40th birthday party.

Sam went to Rainbows end and started getting sick from that point on.

Chris has a speaking and presenting workshop coming up in Hamilton, in an attempt to fund his trip down to Queenstown.

He is also looking for a cheap venue in Auckland to run one as well.

Meeerkat has died, we weren’t that surprised.

Some hackers lose out on a billion dollars due to not knowing how to spell.

Breast feeding at Uni has upset people, we weigh in and think that people should pay more attention to the lecturer then some boobs.

The pentagon wants to buy that bomb you are building in your shed, in an almost weird reality TV kinda way DARPA wants to find people making bombs with ordinary things.

Indiana Jones 5 is on it’s way and apparently Chris uses proper english in his pronunciation of it.

Argentina blew up an illegal Chinese shipping vessel, should this be something that we do in NZ?

Idiot accidentally shoots his mate after shooting at him while he wears a bullet-

We’ve just seen sneaky cards, anyone else out there using these in the wild?  Plus much more and find out what made Chris swear in this episode.


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