We round off Chris’s trip to Queenstown, Sam just got back from Christchurch which included more museums.

Chris wasn’t impressed with the toilet paper he came in contact with in Queenstown.

A median affordable house is around the $800,000 mark in Queenstown, safe to say neither of us will be buying a place down there anytime soon.

Chris has been all about tedX lately and he has managed to get some tickets to the Auckland event coming up real soon, this time they are doing a two-day event over a Thursday and Friday.

The first Pastafarian wedding in the world has happened in NZ, would you get married in this way?  We talk about it and find out Chris’s stance on what he would do.

Sam needed a way to sync files easily between folders and drives when he’s at work, he found and started using Microsoft SyncToy which is simple and does the job well.

Our listener base from the US has now surpassed the listeners from NZ making them the largest audience we have now.

Boaty McBoat Face won the competition, but will they actually use it?  It seems doubtful, but Sam did hear of a good way to manage this.  

Hamilton Council has been gifted some artwork they are installing outside of the museum, it looks like something from a school but in a giant form.  How gifting a major piece of artwork will benefit the artist for many years to come.

Hamilton now has its own escape from a room type thing, it’s called confinement, Sam has to explain to Chris what it is all about.

Will storing all your photos and other crap on your computer onto DNA be the way of the future?

Chris gets all deep and meaningful about artificial intelligence and how they will ultimately take over the world and kill us all.

Prince died, Chris gives us his rundown of how much Prince meant to him.

Z the petrol station is thinking about banning Wicked Campers because of their slogans, we think the idea is stupid and the CEO or whoever it was that blurted this winning idea out should go and hide themselves back in their office and let actual people who know what they are doing interact with the media.

Find out what Museums Sam checked out while in Christchurch, one involved planes the other one has lots of rocks.  He also fed an eel, and totally forgot to film it.

We touch briefly on Wrightspeed a NZ made electric truck and one of the actual co-founders of Tesla Motors.


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