Chris had both an acting gig and an audition both on the same day, luckily he came back in time to record this podcast.

Chris had work this week, but no one told him it was in a very cold freezer, he battled on like the battler he is and managed to avoid frostbite.

Sam’s week consisted of work and then going up to get seeds out the heaviest pumpkin in the southern hemisphere before it got turned into a cinderella carriage.

William Trubridge finally beats his own freediving record and has now set it at 122m. This isn’t the first time we have mentioned this guy, check out Episode 11 if you want to hear more about him.

Chris has a rant about local councils selling off water rights to overseas countries for not very much at all, we discuss our opinion on this.

Channel Four here is getting replaced by a new channel called Bravo, a partnership with NBC Universal, which means we will get a lot of crap reality TV shows, including 6 different version of the Housewive of…. Including a NZ one they are filming now. We couldn’t think of anything worse.

Mark Weldon the CEO of Mediaworks resigned this week, just after announcing the new TV channel, much to the joy and celebration of all the employees of the company.

The TV show Story that we don’t like but manage to talk about a bit on this podcast had to apologise this week as they decided to do a live story of naked diners in a cafe here in Hamilton, most people were covered etc, but one waitress came out during the live feed with a crotch shot on national television.

It also appears the only people willing to get naked on live TV are people from Hamilton, and it turns out its way cheaper to bus up strippers to Auckland for a TV show than use the local ones there.

A company has been given the OK to do tests on brain dead patients to see if they can get some reaction, is this the start of the Zombie apocalypse?

A bunch of villagers looked after a washed up “angel” until the local Police inform them it is actually a discarded sex doll.

Chris was at another tedX this week, he fills us in on his experience at the Auckland one. If you saw any of the live stream Chris would like to know what you thought about it, let us know.


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