Chris is sick this week, manflu sick. So sick in fact if he had sick days at work, he would take them. But unfortunately he doesn’t so he has to power on through work.

Chris has had one of those days where he has been scared of crapping himself.

Sam has been using the Bullet Journal method to be more productive, he explains what it is all about and recommends Chris and our listeners should give it a go.

Another million dollar Kickstarter project has failed, what a surprise.

We talk about another one where the financial dude stole all the money and they are still trying to get the product to market with the help of the backers.

A 15 year old apparently discovered a new Myan city, Chris is rather excited about it all, Sam not so much after reading a post on Reddit all about it.

Luckily Chris didn’t get second degree burns from a kitchen appliance called a Thermomix when he somehow managed to find himself at a demo night.

Chris went to see the new Captain America movie and was impressed, he’s still waiting for the Marvel movies to fail.

Only Humane the short film we helped with is almost ready to be released, we will be having a crew screening very soon.

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