We got retweeted by Thermomix which leads us to wonder if they have it set up automatically.

Shout out to Will Fleming from My Kiwi Life who is a fan of the length of our show as it fits in with his drive to work.

Chris is feeling better now so all his umms are back, more editing for Sam this week 🙁

Chris was a bit disappointed to find his pay packet was lighter than what he thought, but Sam thinks it was about right for what Chris was doing.

Chris got a job with an ad, probably can’t mention it really so keep it hush hush.

Big updates on The Chris and Sam Podcast website, we now have photos up on the site with caption to watch episode they relate to, we have a link to our YouTube channel with The Life of Chris on there and we have more stuff to come.

Chris doesn’t want to urban forage. An interactive map of Hamilton of where to get fruit etc from on council land.

We have a story about a super creepy judge in the US who was dishing out his own brand of punishment to criminals.

Chris has a story about an amazing new SD card, but he’s been working so much he couldn’t link to the story so he has a brief overview of what it was about.

Software is being used to clone machines and predict when they need maintenance or when they may break down.

We need your help in designing our very first Chris and Sam Podcast T-Shirt, listen to find out what we want on it, and we will give you a T-Shirt if we use your design.

Would you want to use The Pilot, a small in ear device that translates languages in real time, coming in September.

Sky Television is increasing some if it’s monthly fees to offset it’s raising prices, we think it is a slowly dying medium and they need to catch up to other platforms.

We have the Only Humane screening for the cast and crew coming up this week, Sam has to remember to go to that and not work.

Chris has seen an article in the paper and is now wanting to make a flower pot heater for our very cold house. What could go wrong.

Planning on EP 4 of The Life of Chris is underway, it should be really epic.


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