We’ve recorded half of this episode twice due to technology being dumb.

We have a follow-up from episode 85, NZ Post got in touch with us about our comments on their new electric buggies, and we’ve learnt that a story Chris talked about happened like almost a year ago.

Chris almost got caught out with another news story this week, but realised it was a hoax mere seconds before he was about to post it to the Chris and Sam Facebook page.

TEDx Ruakura update this week, a big rehearsal for all the speakers and Sam helped out on the day. Chris was in good form, and might be working towards making a speaker cry.

We hung out with Will Fleming from the Will Fleming Vlog, his mate Rob, as well as Lush Monster, Karl who along with his wife turned up with his 360-degree camera which filmed us.

We mention fan of the show Jeremy Howson, who is wanting to interact with us live, one day he might be able to once we work out a schedule when we are recording.

This week we heard from Karl all about the Budweiser watch his dad gave him, that was powered by Budweiser.

We learnt about a website that helps domestic violence people get help. They have a free button you can put on your website.

We answer a burning question about our outro on the podcast, find out if we mean friends or friend.

There is a major Bluetooth update coming which will improve Bluetooth a lot, we guess the proof will be in the actual roll out of it, we will have to see when this all happens.

Sam went to Fieldays this week and came across a small gadget that tells you if an electric fence is on or off by using your phone.
NZ has a black market happening with Avocados at the moment, it seems to be the real cash crop right now. Are you involved in this black market of produce?

The largest drug bust in NZ history happened this week and it sounds like they got caught due to being stupid.

One of the worst British shows ever apparently called “Sex Box” is coming to NZ, find out what is involved with this crazy television show.

If they did a NZ version of it, we think we know who would want to be on it.

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