In this week’s podcast we published a little bit late due to being busy with the practice 48hr film run this weekend.

Find out what Chris has coming from China.

Sam went to the very first AGM for The Great Pumpkin Carnival, he is now the vice president, find out the challenges he will face soon, explaining some very “high tech” stuff to them.

We discuss the TV shows, Preacher and Stranger Things and highly recommend you check those out.

Self driving cars are coming, sooner than you think, and we discuss the choices the car will have to make in a car crash.

Thanks to some movie magic, Chris was allowed to hit on some woman this week.

Sam had a strange experience at the local Binn Inn store, find out what happened.

We talk about the upcoming podfest celebrations for our 100th episode, find out more about it in this episode.

An elderly man gets bitch slapped in a place just around the corner from us, find out what happened and how the family busted the carer.

Air NZ has a good week and a bad week with two different stories coming out with their workers, which leads us to a moral question, how would you answer it?
Drone delivered pizza is going to start trials soon, Sam thinks it’s just a silly idea and outlines why.

And to top everything off, Chris “found” a story about cocks not glocks.


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Caregiver caught slapping patient on hidden camera charged with assault
Pizza drones are go! Domino’s gets NZ drone delivery OK
Air NZ staff comfort grieving Wellington woman Nikki Griffith |
Blow up doll in the cockpit, spitting water in the cabin: Air New Zealand staff caught in the act
Cocks Not Glocks: Texas students carry dildos on campus to protest gun law | US news | The Guardian