Welcome to episode 104 of the podcast.

Sam’s tired in this podcast as he’s been to group day today, if you’re not sure what that is you’ll have to listen to find out.

Chris has hurt his back so everyday things are a real struggle for him, like putting his shoes on, something he has to do multiple time a day at his job, luckily for him that job finishes on Tuesday and then he is unemployed once again. So if you have a job and you’d like to pay Chris some money get in touch.

We are going to talk about some awesome new apps we have seen, Chris forgot we are doing this, but did end up going to an interesting meetup with people using VR here in Hamilton to do awesome things.

Guardian Circle App – An app to use in emergencies to let other people know that you need help.

Sparemin – An app to have a 5min conversation with someone you know, which can be recorded and published so other people can listen to.

Traffick Cam App – An app to help in the fight against sex trafficking by allowing you to take photos of hotel rooms you stay in and adding them to a database.

Text Expander – A desktop application that allows you to type a short abbreviation and the app fills in the rest of the words you want.

Chris has worked his way through Luke Cage and has come to realise that friend of the show Sash Nixon was correct in his review of the series.

We discuss the revenue Netflix made this year and what we think about their business plan, should they make more movies? Or stick with series?

We talk a bit more about TV shows and how some aren’t being made here in NZ because they would rather have something that appeals to everyone and is crap instead of making something a bit more niche and having die hard fans it seems.

A candy crush game show is coming and it sounds really shitty, what is the point of it?

Also our favourite dropshipping provider in the US Shopito now have a really cool app where you can do everything on the app, very handy indeed.

Find out why a man down south isn’t after anyone “soft” for a job he is advertising.

Chris is heading to the Arohanui Film Festival at the end of the month, make sure to say hi if you are there.

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