Episode 105 is here, and these are the show notes for this amazing episode of The Chris and Sam Podcast

Chris hardly moved today as he was working from home, which is something he will do more of no doubt soon as he is currently unemployed.

Sam was super tired and ended up trying a new energy drink from Berocca, have a listen to find out what he thought about it.

What did Sam set up this week that he can’t turn off and will Chris’s time be taken up watching the live Trump news on Facebook now?

Is Facebook live getting more popular now? Lots of people are using it for interviews and other interesting ways.

Microsoft and Google both have big screen devices now, Sam can’t remember what they are called, so look forward to an “in-depth” discussion about them.

There is another Windows 10 update coming, maybe it might fix all the problems we’ve been having with our USB ports, seriously sort this stuff out Microsoft.

Are council’s spending way too much money on social media marketing? Some aren’t even breaking $20. Other are spending a lot, find out where Hamilton sits, and is it money well spent?

Sam tells Chris about the Buffer made tool, Pablo, which has increased his output a lot, from his old man ways he was using before.

We talk about the Dreamworld disaster and a strange use of language by one of the officials.

We heard about the poison ivy story this week, not about the plant, but about the very poisonous 17-year-old from NZ, who is meeting males online, degrading them and trying to make them commit suicide.

The Prime Minister’s son is being an idiot again, this time yelling out stupid comments from a car.

Chris is off to the Arohanui short film festival this weekend, where Only Humane the short film we helped out with is having its world premiere, listen in next week to hear all about that and some Chris stories no doubt.

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