Episode 111 is here, Sam went and checked out the Lego Christmas tree in Auckland last weekend, find out about that.

Chris has some highs and lows this week, at one point he was in The Power Rangers in a unique police line up, find out who or what was there to see if he was a criminal, then he went downhill very fast and ended up being in the worst pain of his life. Find out what happened and what made him walk to A&E at 3am in the morning.

TEDx Ruakura is after some more people to fill some roles before the 2017 event, a communications manager and also a relationship manager.

We talk about the technology to stop drones, Chris thinks they could be used to stop planes, Sam doesn’t think so, have a listen to hear the different points of view.

A man’s just finished his year long potato diet, he lost 50kg’s in weight and cured his depression, are the potato’s the answer to his problems? We don’t actually think so, find out what we think happened, and could you do it, just potato’s and nothing else for a whole year.

A man steals 6 million dollars from his employer, find out how much he spent on a mobile game and then find out how much that mobile game is making every single day.

Sam has started to use the website and app Air Table, and after getting his head around it is finding it very good for planning things for next year for all the projects he has. Make sure to check it out.

Chris knowledges us up on something called the UBI (Universal Base Income)

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