We are looking forward to a future episode when Chris tells us how the pet sitting went with a great dane. He also gets us up to speed with a #dickstone2016 update where he thinks he has the best app idea ever.

Chris had a super special secret Santa gift turn up after our last podcast, a custom piece of artwork made by our #1 fan Jeremy, find out what it is and where we may hang it up.

Sam explains about the whole Hatchimal craze this Christmas and how his daughter ended up with one when they were all sold out.

Does every strange sport in NZ claim it is the fastest growing sport in NZ? Maybe, Sam explains what Pickle Ball is, something he learnt about over Christmas.

Someone at Shoe Clinic probably needs a talking to after putting out some very crazy advice for Woman runners, it upset a lot of people especially on the Twitter.

Does wanting to lick an Ice Cream make you gay? We talk about the stupid comment from Richard Hammond and the difference between its gay and its gay.

Chris’s inbox led him to miss an important email to do with the short film Only Humane being accepted into a film festival, and we get interrupted mid story with a strange phone call Sam received.

More famous people have been dying this week.

We run through some of the weirdest things people have put into their body and got stuck according to an annual list from the US.


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