The universe must have thought Sam was missing out with car related accidents so someone drove into the side of his car this week, find out what happened.

Tropfest 2017 was just held, Chris went down there as he helped out a one of the finalist films, and another 2 were made by people we know. Find out how everyone went, who won what, and Chris gives a rundown of the 16 finalists.

We talk a little bit about Kiwi Saver schemes and how they are taking a long time to transfer your money between them when you change.

What is mesh wifi? And why are we talking about it? Could it be the thing we need to fix our internet issues around here, maybe?

Sam went on another photo walk with Up and Adam, this time around Hamilton and got some cool photos.

We also hear about what the latest is with Chris’s Mum’s wedding, which he is at this weekend, look forward to hearing all about it in next week’s episode.


Tropfest Winning Film 2017

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