Episode 122 is here and to kick things off we have an apology from Chris about some of the content featured in episode 121 so check that out to find out what went down.

Scientists are one step closer to being able to upload stuff directly to our brain like the Matrix.

We talk about the New Zelander of the of the year, Taika Waititi and find out why Chris thinks he should have never received this award at all.

Tivo is shutting down later on in the year, how will Chris cope with this change?

Love honey? But don’t want the hassle of owning your own hive and doing all the bee keeping work that is involved, then hive share is for you. Invest in a hive and get the sweet sweet reward of honey.

We learnt that a bomb proof defence house is no match for an earthquake.

Upper Hutt for Trump? Find out all about this amazing video made for Donald Trump

The latest Nigerian scam is out, and it is amazing, find out what you need to worry about now and what their space agency has been up to.

The walking dead has some up on news sites this week, while they spend a lot of money on makeup for the zombies, less money has been spent it seems on a CGI deer.

We test out the Crispy Mint M&M’s on the show, to the delight of the audience I am sure, find out what we thought #crispymint

Sam’s been in Christchurch and checked out the historic village Ferrymead which was very cool.

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