The short film we were involved with Only Humane has been accepted into the high desert film festival out in Nevada, Chris is keen to go and is working out how he can pay for his plane ticket.

Sam has been busy sorting out giant pumpkin stuff.

We cover the egg controversy that has been happening at Countdown supermarkets and how it could have affected Chris.

Countdown was also in the news about an error that involved an expensive piece of pumpkin.

We watched the documentary going clear, all about Scientology.

A cake baker is awarded a $7 million-dollar contract to build a sewage treatment plant even though they have no idea at all how to do this.

Chris has been reading a book and he now think she knows what woman want, so has dived head first back into Tinder, hear what his winning strategy is with his Tinder profile and we discuss the photos he is using on his profile, also make sure to check out our Facebook page where we have shared the photo and may have made some cringe worthy memes with it.

Chris is thinking about not following up with the woman who crashed into his car, in the grand scheme of things there are better things to be worrying about in life.

Westland District Council manager awarded cake decorator’s firm $7 million contract to build sewage plant |
Countdown not dishing out refunds over ‘free range’ eggs just yet |
Emma and the $4500 pumpkin |
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (2015) – IMDb