Chris has had another full on week, which included house sitting and looking after a toothless cat. Chris has been watching Rick and Morty and now likes it. Sam watch a documentary called Silicon Cowboys and explains what that was about.

YikYak is no more and is shutting down its services, we discuss that and find out if Chris knows what it is.

Chris has been so busy that he hasn’t been keeping up with his busy busy Tinder life, find out what he has been up to with that lately.

Sam has a can of compressed air with some pretty impressive uses listed on the can, he get Chris to guess what they are, see how you go with this challenge.

Fidget spinners are the next big thing apparently going to take over schools, Sam already has some and we learnt the woman that made them 20 years ago didn’t have enough money to keep her patent on them going, she has lost out on a lot of money.

Find out what the Dream Lab App is and what awesome things it can do while you sleep.

Ever use the site/app stumbleupon? We talk about it and remember how it was a mainstay for us many years ago.

The TEDx cinema experience happened this week, find out what was good about it and who were the standout speakers.

And someone we know died unexpectedly recently, which was a shock to everyone.


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