Welcome to another episode of everyone’s favourite podcast, we start off with Chris talking about how unfit he feels, and how he’s going to be sore after going to the gym, we went and saw John Wick 2, find out our thoughts on this film.

Chris has possibly the worst rant ever, it makes no sense, find out what he is going on about.

Chris talks about Tunde, and you’ll have to listen if that is an actual word, or he mean Tinder.

Sam got some emails about giant pumpkins this week, sounds like a normal week for him.

We discuss the latest worldwide hacker attack, and Chris learnt about some new fancy computer security that is changing how things are done in regards to ransomware.


John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) – IMDb
Extortionists Mount Global Hacking Attack Seeking Ransom – Bloomberg