What excitement has been happening this week in the lives of your intrepid podcast hosts? Recording this podcast episode in freezing conditions. Well not too much actually, but never fear, we’ve got some stuff for you in this episode, like:

Chris has been working a lot this week, and it may or may not have taken a toll on him, hence him drinking Desparados when recording this episode of the podcast.

Nintendo launched another mini system this week, the Nintendo SNES mini with 21 games contained within it, it’s available now for pre order and it comes out at the end of September, Sam jumped on the chance and pre ordered his through Mighty Ape without even knowing how much it was going to cost.

We learnt about the Inspirobot website that makes awesome inspirational quotes using the power of AI.

We learnt about an American YouTuber that thought it would be a good idea to get shot by a gun and try and stop the bullet with a book.

Chris did a newspaper interview along with Adam about the short film Only Humane, and we are taking part in another 48hr film later on in the year with a newish team, find out who is also on the team that Chris is quite happy about.

Nintendo SNES Classic Edition Console
He thought a book would stop a bullet and make him a YouTube star. Now he’s dead.
Darwin Awards. Chlorinating The Gene Pool.