An end of an era this week as Chris finishes off the last of his beloved Kingfisher beer, will the podcast ever be the same again? Our part time flatmate has also moved out. Cambridge has decided to get a new rebranded logo, some people aren’t too happy with it and we put out two cents into the conversation around it.

Chris hits us with some Bic pen facts he recently learnt, and some other fact which is really amazing and involves lighters.

Sam had a strange interaction with a woman at the supermarket, find out what happened and what made it weird.

No update this week on the share plum, maybe next week will be the week Sam tries it out and reports back on how well it worked.

We get an update from Chris’s small car accident he talked about last week, how much will he be paying out the ding he put into a fellow actors car, find out in this episode.

The new Doctor Who got announced this week, which seems to have upset some people, and we talk a bit about the difference between patents and trademarks and how they have come up with recently.

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