TCASP EP:143 – Naked at the Gym and Crazy LED Man

You’ll never guess what Chris has bought for the cat.

We receive some incredible Spam offers.

Sam is in the spotlight of a crazy old man.

Chris is born in the wrong time to join the Rocket League collegiate

We discuss the future of rail for Waikato.

Fact or Fiction? Does a seagull tear off a man’s testicles?

Chris tells us a story about cat nuts and how he ended up naked at the gym.

Sam tells an even more disturbing gym story.

Hamilton City councillor accused of using homophobic insults |
Seagull rips off man’s testicle as he sunbathes naked
Google Play Newsstand
A train to Hamilton every 15 minutes? Yes we can and here’s how | The Spinoff
Instant Fix Zipper [HC0052] – GoTagHer

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