This week’s episode is brought to you by Canadian Club, it’s been a tough week for Chris so drinks are involved in this episode.

We get an update on how the 48hr film weekend went for Chris, and Chris explains how his cat sling has been working. Is this another failed item from China Chris and bought? Have a listen and find out.

Are you after a way of making money? How about buying a bunch of single person sleeping pods and then trying to rent them out as single rooms? We discuss this business idea.

We have a new part time flatmate moving in, this time around its version 2, and it’s going to be one of Chris’s new workmates, how long is he staying for? No one knows, what’s he like? No one knows I’m sure there will be some sort of follow up in a future episode.

Is Chris the only person around that doesn’t have a Swiss Tech Utili Key on his key ring? While he waits for his to turn up from China, Sam used his one to break into his ex’s house, for no weird reasons at all.

After trawling through Kickstarter this week, Sam found one going for the New York Sorta Marathon, the worlds shortest marathon, a race where everyone can feel proud they finished, have a listen to find out how short this marathon is.

We have a talk about North Korea firing missiles and the pointlessness of an app when you have no bomb shelters.

Sam found a great website to get all your news from this week, it’s called HVPER.COM and you should check it out if you are keen to keep up to date about current news from a huge range of resources all on one page.

Plus, more, in this action packed semi drunk episode of the podcast.

Sleeping pods advertised as $200 Auckland apartments – NZ Herald
The New York Sorta Marathon by Zach Broussard — Kickstarter