Another week another episode, Chris is full of food from eating a lot at his bosses place gave him, and we recorded in the morning so sober Chris this episode.

Sam finally got his vacuum cleaner and he heard back from the guy he was trying to track down, so it’s been shaping up as a great week around these parts.

Sam had to cook up a trout after his daughter came home from a school camp with one.

We talk about the tragic story of a woman and man that died while learning to drive, they ended up in a lake.

The new iPhone got announced this week, we talk about how average it seems.

Facebook is trialing a snooze button on their website, which we hope will become a reality as we have a bunch of people we would like to snooze.

Chris has put down another topic which he didn’t really do, we discuss the cost of sea level rise and how it won’t affect Hamilton at all.

Sam talks about the documentary Icarus and recommends you should go and see it.

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Deadly driving lesson: Bodies found in Christchurch lake |
Counting the cost of sea level rise |
Icarus (2017) – IMDb