Episode 150 is here, and what an awesome milestone that is, so much so we aren’t doing anything for it, but we do have another great podcast for you.

Chris is apparently is an admin for a very old Facebook page, but people still want to join it, so Sam helped him out and accepted all the people that requested to join the page, even if it was 5 years ago.

Sam came across some more strange train enthusiasts this week, he went on a rather short train ride and sampled some of the fine food they had on offer, find out where he went and what happened.

Chris’s bed finally turned up and there was a little bit of a saga with it, of course, find out what he got which apparently wasn’t even possible.

Sam has a story about a beekeeper who has been taken advantage of that crack him up, find out how everything went wrong for this guy.

Chris went to an awards night that was being run by customers of his work, find out how that went and what stories he has from that evening.

Will Hamilton be an NZ base for Amazon when and if they decide to set up a warehouse here? One Hamilton Councillor is hoping so.

Plastic bags are on the way out at Countdown, there is a new parking plan for Hamilton and a young local entrepreneur has started a business where he takes cheat day food into businesses once a month

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