This episode we were both feeling a bit blah, but good news is we have a new flatmate.

Chris got a new phone this week, after his old one died after being dropped one too many times.

We found out this week that the world beard and moustache competition is going to be coming to NZ, has Sam got what it takes to enter? Luckily for him he has a few more years to grow more hair.

We talk about another dumb art installation, this time it was a kayak filled with shells, which got stolen. Find out how long it took to put this amazing piece together, how longs it lasted before someone found something better to do with it.

Downhill pumpkin rolling is in jeopardy for next year, but there might be a way around it, and Sam is vlogging again but this time under a different channel.

Red kayak in Auckland Artweek installation vanishes in the night |
World Beard and Moustache Champs headed to NZ | Newshub
Giant Pumpkinz NZ – YouTube – YouTube