This week was full of good stuff, we went and checked out Armageddon Auckland, find out how that went and who we saw on the way. When we were there we bumped into some people we knew.

The John Barrowman panel was an experience and a half, find out what happened.

We also managed to see Alex Savage do some wrestling moves with the IPW wrestling show, good friend of Guy from the Guy and Harley Podcast.

After Armageddon we headed off the Dollop podcast live show, it was great, find out how it went, who was sitting next to us and have a listen to the special audio Dave and Gareth recorded for us when we shoved a recorder in their face.

Amazon want to let themselves into your house now to deliver packages, what could go wrong with that idea? Would you use it? And we talk about a local Facebook page that is being sold, you might be surprised to hear how much money it is making each month.

We talk about after learning about them this week, is this the tool Chris needs to lose weight? It could be.

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