Welcome to the Birthday episode where Chris has just turned the big 50, find out how his day was, what his work did for him, and what he is drinking as he does this very episode.

NZ Secret Santa is all go, with everyone’s giftee being announced, we give a very brief overview of the people we got individually, and who we got as the Chris and Sam podcast, and Sam’s TEDx talk all about how he started NZ Secret Santa is out, find it below in the show notes.

Sam came across something at work that didn’t quite look normal, find out what it was.

We have an update on a tourist attraction that we first talked about in Episode 114 that Sam thinks is totally stupid, find out what has happened with it now.

Old people get fooled by Home Alone this week, and find out what Chris forgot to do this week.

We get the run down on the blockchain and its use in the education field, something Chris learnt more about this week.

And a story about a Monk, where a donation is valued differently depending on how much you give it seems.