This week has had Sam busy doing interviews around the world about NZ Secret Santa, find out where his cousin was when he saw Sam pop up on the TV.

Sharing things came out this week, it’s a parody of Stranger Things Season 2 done by Sesame St, and it is awesome, check out the video of it below. Chris learnt about a song with over 4 billion views on YouTube, something neither of us have heard before.

We were waiting for the rocket man to find out if the world was flat or not, but he has had to postpone it, find out about this limo driver and his steam powered rocket.

Sam came across a man this week that was going on the longest walk, which involves a couple of dogs, walking the country and a little trailer type thing being pulled along by the guy.

Chris ran into problems with Facebook this week when he was posting about something he brought for himself for his birthday, Facebook decided to change the post type to something else, which let t some rage from Chris.

Sam’s Twitter account got hacked this week, he sort of knows how it was done, and thinks it is all fixed now.

Sam tells Chris about Proton Mail, and Chris admits he has email issues and is thinking about paying someone to sort it all out for him.

We learnt about the Sending Love initiative this week, find out how you can brighten and old persons day this Christmas.

A Hamilton teacher is doing things differently with his students and it’s paying off bigtime, have a listen and hear what he is doing.