Chris has started hitting the gym again for his quest to have a body for life after getting sick of staring at himself in mirrors, while Sam had a trip down to Christchurch in the extreme heat, find out how he ended up getting down there and how many grumpy people he dealt with.

Chris tells us about the 24hr film festival and wonders if he is a bad friend for not sitting with the people he travelled up with.

Swimsafe NZ has a new mascot for summer, The Swim Reaper, find out what he has to say about the upcoming summer.

Chris thought his Microsoft paint skills were top notch, but is he producing art in Excel like a 74 year old Japanese man? No.

Rotorua council seems to think that if people had a good time then it doesn’t matter about the crazy amount of money spent on the Mudtopia festival, find out how much it cost them to run and how much they made.

Chris has been helping out a past TEDx speaker with an application to go and talk at a bigger event.

We find out what the richest YouTuber made in 2017 and it almost makes Chris speechless.

Secret Santa gifts have been sent, well Chris has almost sent his which is good going.

We get the run down on biological mutation of plants to show different things.


74 yeard old Japanese man makes amazing artwork with only Excel
The Swim Reaper is looking to get you this summer
Ratepayers in Rotorua stuck with an expensive bill after the Mudtopia festival does poorly, but people had a good time.
Former supermarket worker now the richest earning YouTuber
US military modyfying plants to spy in environments other sensors won’t work