We are back from our break, find out what we have been up to in this slightly longer than normal episode.

Sam is back from his Rotorua trip where he went to a lot of tourist destinations, find out what his top tip is if you are travelling around New Zealand.

Congratulations to friends on the show Sash and Mary from Flash as Productions for getting married recently.

Another friend of the show Harley from The Guy and Harley podcast has been getting a lot of attention lately after having his photo shown on the Ellen show, find out which one of us has a man crush on him.

We get all heated about Facebook and YouTube and discuss their recent changes and contemplate if any of it really matters.

We learnt about the best builder ever, that got fired 3 weeks later as they were no good as a builder, find out what all that was about.

The bubble seems to be bursting on crypto currency and the top story in the Hamilton Press this week was story about a man and his dislike of cat poo.

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