This episode is an alcohol free one. Sam talks about a plugin he has that shows him a random Wikipedia page every time he opens a new tab, find out what he has been learning.

How did a local farmer get named as a board game character in a Kickstarter for a game? Find out in this episode. We also heard about Mycroft V2.0, a home assistant type product that is more open source and won’t harvest your data.

Sam won something this week, find out more in this episode.

The Lego display that was at Te Papa will be making it’s way to Hamilton in March, we look forward to checking that out.

Chris learned something new this week, you can get salad in a bag, and has been intensively watching s a Rocket League tournament which then led him down a wormhole of YouTube videos with tutorials, will this improve his gaming ability? Only time will tell.

Friend of the show Harley Neville is auctioning off his hairy body to advertise on.